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Meet Dannielle 

Empowerment Coach, Author & Creative enthusiast

I cultivate courage in female leaders, encouraging the champion that God says you are! I empower you to  discover true transformation in order to build lasting legacy.  

Grab A Bundle of Joy

The Mentality Bundle

How to development an unstoppable mindset and elevate productivity.

The Creative Bundle

How to use creativity in your day to day live and boost inner confidence.

  • Indulge in my courageous ebook of personal stories that will empower you to take action.

  • Use the accompanying workbook to encourage true implementation that will bring in the mindset of a winner.

  • Dive into my ultimate growth mindset reading list from the most successful authors out there.

  • Using my goal planner to take the kind of action that brings results.

  • Enjoy 50 shades of creative play to will ignite creative energy with practises you can add in each day.

  • Go on a journey that will spark imagination with our creative meditation 

  • Listen in to the heart of the ultimate Creator and be the creative you are born to be. 

  • Add these practises to your self care, family and business 

"These bundles are inspiring and motivational. With their help I have been able to focus on my creativity and banish the negative 'I'm not good enough' thoughts. I especially love the Pray your way Journal which reminds me that God wants the best for me and has given me the power to achieve my goals. These bundles have helped me to be fearless and confident and I thoroughly recommend theme to anyone.

- Demelza

Start Your Journey

15 mins


Lets talk about your vision and how I can support you


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Dannielle is the person who will light a rocket under you and uncover all the gold within you without making excuses

Chloe Morgan 

Founder of Chloe Morgan music

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“When I started coaching with Dannielle I was at such a low point, since then I have changed my life, including started my business. I'm a different woman and I love it!”

Sarah Greeves 
Wellness Coach

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Dannielle saw the bigger picture when I couldn’t. She encouraged honesty and authenticity. She helped me rediscover my creativity, and for that, I’ll always be appreciative

Sophie Dixon-Dash

Founder of This Nanny Writes


for Motivation 

and get my latest eBook “10 Steps to strengthening your courageous muscle” for free!

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A must Read