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HOW TO FLIP YOUR iNNER script & BOSS up YOUR queenship!

Without fear talking you out of it.

It's Free!

Can we just take a minute and acknowledge that it's not ok to talk yourself out of your next level! 

Especially when what you want IS your inheritance.

This masterclass will save you time, energy and years of regret. (But I warn you... it will inflict growth.)

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Dannielle provides strategies that truly help you reach your goals. It has brought me more money, helped me build a whole new programme and empowered me to give myself permission. I now have relationships with my local authorities and council; which has provided so many more opportunities with in my business. This space will grow your business and accelerate your confidence.

- Helen Weekley



  • The 3 belief blockers that are killing your boss Queen dreams and how to remove them. (it's easier to shift than you think!)
  • The number 1 thing that blurs the BIG vision for your life: And the quickest way to develop clarity that gets you results.
  • What to do to create your royal road to success + bring in money from your ideas .
  • The mistake BIG thinkers make when going for their business: How to ditch the cookie-cutter confusion.
Who is this for?

Anything resonating...


Impact & Legacy

You know you are made for more!

You are so over living at this current stagnant level. You are ready to have more influence in your business, life and family whilst using your passion. You want to fulfil your hearts deepest creative desires and see massive growth in your life.

You want to make more money! 

You desire to be paid for what you love to do and if you're being totally honest with yourself, what you're currently doing (or being paid to do) is not making the income that reflects the true value of what you actually do.


Wealth & Value



You want to be a confident woman! Someone who knows, trusts and believes in herself and who she is called to be. You want to walk with the God given authority that welcomes in your ideal clients & reveals the right opportunities.

If you know that stepping into the life you were created live is a must, you do not want to miss this!

A love letter from Dannielle...

Helping you to grow your creative influence by empowering your now to open your next level.

I'm Dannielle,

I have been helping creative thinkers grow their vision and skills for  2 decades.


Collaborating with some of the UK's most renown entertainment organisations and business corporations; I have coached and mentored 1000s of people to step into a life they once believed they couldn't. 

I started my business in the worlds most heavy period after hearing God say 'Build this like you're not going back' Not going back to what I was comfortable in, ushered me into what I was called to do.


I grew my business to 5 figures in 5 months and turned a horrific burn accident into part of a bold story. 

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My heart has always been for women.


Women who have so much in them but felt under valued. Women who have idea's that are misunderstood. Women who know that God has put gold in you and you just need support to bring it out. 

Not only that, but women who have a vision to build something that would create legacy for their family and the generations to come. 

I'll be honest with you, I have often felt like the black sheep. The one who's vision was too big or too complicated and I know there are so many other's believing that what they want to create, build and expand is just too BIG.

Queen, that could not be further from the truth.

This Masterclass show's you the biggest mistakes multifaceted women make when it comes to growing their business. 

It breaks down things that I thought would work for me as a business owner, but hindered me as a creative woman in business.

The cookie-cutter methods do not work for women like us, who are on a mission to build a creative service based business and who have a million idea's a minute. 

Queen, you are not weird! You've just never used the framework that can truly get you the results and still allow you freedom to see the world in colour. 

This is where you combine your creativity with clarity and increase your income, so that you can step into your Queendom.


"Dannielle is a pretty much a genius. Her work is so good it's life changing!"

- Colleen Joseph


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