How to build a business without losing your creativity...

Updated: Nov 4

It's nuts how many people think that creativity has nothing to do with business, when in fact; it is the very essence of it.

Think about it right, if we didn't CREATE, there would actually be no businesses.

At one point or another, the founder had to put their creative hat on and begin to devise a plan of action to bring the vision into fruition.

And although in reality, I could stop right there and say 'I've made my point' I want to give some factors to help YOU where you are at...

One is to navigate your business in a more creative way, the other is to help you navigate your creativity, in a more business way.

Let's start with understanding adding creativity to business...

You get to create in your business, around your business and through your business.

In your Business.

There are thousands of ways to stretch, multiply and develop the current business you have.

Expansion and growth are the callings of every living thing. And honey, your business is a living breathing organism. It creates life, every single time you serve someone out there. Or every time you produce and share your product.

You are creating life with in your business.

There are no doubt other factors you are creating IN your business as you go. When we interact with people. We are finding new systems, patterns and discoveries that we get to add into our businesses. We are adding to our teams and communication strategies with clients. As we go on that journey, we get to "make up" (create) new ways, approaches, projects and products!

Around your business.

There is something to be said about how many relationships you establish when you look on the outskirts of your business. Just like the home you live in has a community. Whether you interact with them or not is totally up to you. Whether you greet them, hold a door open or pet their dog is totally up to you.

It's the same with businesses with in your community. You are able to hold a door open for someone you know (or a business you know) that may need some guidance. Or a client you know would benefit from working with someone you know.

These relationships are the ones that increase your network and when your network is increased; your net worth is increased. There is possibility all around you to create. It just takes some looking.

Through your business.

When I started my business, I took on two women with the heart for opportunity. They were women who were supportive encouraging and believed in my mission. As I began working with them, they soon understood that they too wanted more for their lives. A year later, they started their own businesses and went full time on living the life they wanted.

Both of these women still work within my organisation. But through my business they developed skills and realised their desire to create their own opportunities. One of these women I met on Instagram and has now become our Visibility Coach in our Signature program.

The other build a Virtual Assistant business and empowerment dance movement. She is often unable to take on more clients because she is so in demand.

Let's talk understanding your creativity can be a business


Most creatives don't even believe that what they have is the gold and worth charging for. The first step to building the creative empire you want is actually believing it's possible. Changing the way you think, is huge when it comes to developing a stand out business from your creativity. It's what we dig deep into within the IMPower Her