How to take action without the fear of failure

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Confident = Competence = Confidence = Competence

One of the things that trip many people up when it comes to going for the next level in themselves, is trying to understand HOW it works right now.

How am I going to make this happen?
How do I make the dream possible?
How do I make it make money?
How do I set up every single detail of the rest of my life?

Can I be honest with you?

The HOW is a trap.

It's virtually impossible to know every how detail to starting a business, launching an idea or laying down the whole vision. No great inventor and creator went out there to make something and knew exactly how to do it. There were many failed attempts before they did it.

Some will say that people are lucky to have the million pound business, or to be in the success positions they are in. But no success that isn't worked for or earned is sustained. The constant one foot in front of the other with the mistakes is what trains us to be better.

They say experience is the best teacher, and they weren't lying.

Let me share what experience has taught me.

Experience is how I knew who I was called to serve.

Experience is how I knew what to say on the gram.

Experience is how I knew what to write in the emails.

Experience is how I knew the strategy for the podcast.

Experience is how I knew I could increase my value.

Experience is how I knew that my clients needed a mindset shift before they could step into their next level

Nothing beats stepping one foot out there, tripping, slipping and then getting up and building quicker from the learned EXPERIENCES.

I really want this to hit home for you today!

Because if you are a person waiting for the pretty to do list on how to build your dream, vision or business… you are going to be stuck in the tower of day dreaming & not doing, for a long time.

Stepping out is scary. Why? Because you've never done it before and your mind would much rather you stay protected in what you know than let your heart guide you into what you desire.

The mind is designed to protect you. And at that, it makes constant judgements on how something will go based upon what you have experienced in the past. There is a time for the data but there is also a time to push the status quo, the comfort zone and the limitations you put on yourself.

It is a choice. You do get to choose. You get to bring your mind up a level, and trust me when I say; as you go you grow and you glow.

As you step out, shift happens. You become confident. You then become competent. And so the cycle continues.

The worry will hover around. The not knowing what to do next will lurk it's crooked neck, but the willingness to step out and trust the process will serve you far greater than thinking about the what if's and the how's.

So what is the thing you know you have in your heart that is calling you to create it. Where is the place you know God has been calling you to show up in or move to. Who are the people you feel the deep urges of your soul to love on.

It's not about having it all worked out. It's about being willing enough to work it out as you go.

In my Female Empowerment Success Bundle, you can access my Courageous Ebook with steps you can apply to taking bigger and bolder moves into your dreams.

Don't sleep on your greatness Queen. We need you to show up, and there is enough for you here. There is space for you here.

I love you, this is for you, go out there and be you.

Love D x

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