How you can live your dream life now...

5 things to start living my dream life. Today.

So many people are waiting for the perfect setting to start living the life that they want.

Using phrases like..

I'll start when... I'm ready. I have enough money. I have the support.

Beauty, if you keep waiting, you'll keep waiting. Listen, I have so been there and so I wanted to let you in to the 5 things I started doing to build the life I wanted to live. To add more joy and happiness and to make shifts into who I want to be.

GUESS WHAT - You can start these now


Firstly, decide. Decide that I actually wanted a better life. Decide that you do what what you say you want. Don;t underestimate the power of choice. It isn't there to be toyed with, it's actually something that you have. I know it sounds a bit silly, I mean, why would you be here if you didn't want your dream life BUT, I'll never forget the day that my coach said to the room 'If you wanted it, you would have it already' It stung! But it was true and so I had to take a step back and decide whether I really wanted to change my life. When I dug deep and got clear on what I wanted, desire grew. And nothing can beat true desire mixed with some small ways to start!

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I am a traveller at heart, and when things got super busy or when there was times I didn't feel like I had the finances to travel where I wanted. I started with what I had. I booked a small trip.A weekend away in the middle of a cotswold field. A staycation at a hotel in slough. A trip somewhere in Wales, anywhere! Even near by does something different to the soul. Just start with something. When you put yourself in the environment and begin the routine, there overall picture begins to change.