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Give yourself and your vision the ultimate gift this year.


A success mindset, unstoppable momentum and a strategy map that will catapult you into your next level for 2022.

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Thinking Big

Think Like a Boss, Create like a Queen.

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Ever get that feeling? You know the one when

  • You’re moving successfully and suddenly you feel as if everything is about to come tumbling down? 
  • You get to a certain point of progression, but you’re half way between drowning in overwhelm & kicking to stay afloat? 
  • You know you CAN do this but hear the replay of negative words & see the past failure in your mind on repeat.

I'm going to be honest with you sister...

None of this is ok, but it's really not your fault.

You’ve just never learned how to tune into the power of BIG authentic thinking. 


So what if I showed you how to build a deep conviction of heart centred confidence that unlocked mindset and expanded your vision, so that you can create not just a year but a life based on accomplishing your  dreams.

It's time to make successful thinking natural! 


I can't believe how quickly my mindset shifted working with Dannielle. I knew it would, but it was quicker than I could imagine. 

- Kate Durrant


Meet Dannielle

I’ve been empowering women long before it was cool, well over  2 decades. Shifting thought patterns to stimulate deep self awareness and catapult courage and confidence so that you actually reach your goals, is my jam!! It's these factors that have helped my clients live happier, healthier and wealthier lives. It’s improved relationships, reignited dreams and built businesses. And let me tell you!


What ever it is you are dreaming of IS possible.

So what's this all about?

A 4 Week Intensive sharing the 4 secrets to success to...


Unleash your full potential!

Elevate your creative thinking and unlock true transformation that impacts your entire life, so that you can identify authentic solutions and unleash your next level of excellence.

Build A Boss Mindset.

Kick out perfection paralysis and limiting beliefs that have you talking yourself out of success, so that thinking big and creating big becomes a natural way you live your life.



Own Your Space.

Talk with boldness and walk with bravery, feeling secure about your decisions and the action you take, it's possible to be consistent in showing with beauty and boss vibes! (I promise).

Focus and Soar!

Use a method that will empower you to bring clarity to your vision and creative direction for your entire year + enlarge your influence and establish your greatness. (Expansion is your birthright)


2022 is the year you say,

Yes to You!

A love letter from Dannielle...

Mindset Mastery for the heart-centred Queen.

Learn more...

I told myself almost 4 years ago that I would create a space where you felt safe, empowered and able to thrive! A big part of our relationship is about trust. Trusting that this is your time and that I'm here to get you results.


In my journey of collaborating with some of the UK's most renown entertainment organisations and business corporations; I have coached and mentored 1000s of women to step into a life they once believed they couldn't. 

I started this business in the worlds  heaviest  period after hearing God say 'Build this like you're not going back to what is expected of you'. And that ushered me into what I was called to do.


Understanding the assignment, growing my mind, and creating a 5 figure business in 5 months. Sister it's your time to turn dreams into reality.

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After years of helping women build lives, careers and mentalities of epic greatness, I've learned that Creative Thinking is truly an answer to some of the worlds biggest problems. 

You see, women like you have ideas, procedures, systems, methods, families, skills, talents and thoughts that are someones solution.


Maybe once they were misunderstood, but this is the time to unlock the God given gold in you.


I'll be honest with you, I have often felt like the black sheep. The one who's thoughts were too big or too complicated and I know there are so many other's believing that what they want to create, build and expand is just too much.

Queen, women like us are not here to let fear get the better of us, that is not our truth.

So many women stay dream pregnant and never give birth to their calling.

This is the year of birthing dreams and I am your big thinking midwife! It time to take action and push!

So take my hand over the next 4 weeks and let's build the mindset needed to become who you truly are.

No more seeing what happens it's the season on intentional success!


You're a frigging badass that deserves to create the kind of world that colours in your dreams.


"Dannielle is a pretty much a genius. Her work is so good, it's life changing!"

- Colleen Joseph

Wednesday 24th November 2021 19:30pm 
Wednesday 1st December 2021 19:30pm 
Wednesday 8th December 2021 19:30pm 

Wednesday 15th December 2021 19:30pm 

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