For The Creative Professional Who Knows She's Made For

More In Life, Relationships & Business.

Being sorry for what you want is no longer an option.

Next level purpose...
Next level passion...
Next level payments...

We both know you've been playing small... whether you've said it out loud or not, it's time to acknowledge that wild craving to go to your next level. 



  • You feel like what you want is unreachable, so you're settling with less than you really desire.

  • You are swamped with emotional weight from past disappointments, so trying again feels impossible.

  • You've been hiding your dreams for so long they've flatlined, and you have no idea how to revive them.

  • The mundane's of life have taken over and you've become confused about your purpose.

You are worthy of your next level.

Worthy of the life, career and business, that make you feel excited to get up every day.

Worthy of living at the highest level of your potential & your own zone of genius.

Worthy of being bold, authentic and abundant in all areas of your life.

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Being around such big thinkers really inspired me to dig deep and grow my thinking. Before I joined I didn't have a business but I knew I was made for more. This really helped me get clear and build strong foundations for my business. I'm so excited to be able to say I am a business owner!

- Kerri KardiDance Fitness

I'm Dannielle Lecointe-Mosca

Dannielle's mission is to be a light that reveals deeper vision in your life through empowerment coaching.


She is here to be voice that edifies and empowers the world changing you, to not just think big but to live big, as you build the life, career or business that creates impact.

So that you can see, feel and walk as the identified champion God has called you to be. It's time to create, innovate and collaborate with Him on the treasure within you and Boss UP!

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Hey Queen



Build your success mindset with my signature framework The SCRIPT.


  • Build strategic ways to make money, so that you can invest time in what matters to you.

  • Develop the foundation to keeping your mindset in Queen mode, so that you can show up consistently.

  • Unleash your creative genius, so that you can show up as your most authentic self.

  • Strengthen your visibility on and offline, so that you can attract the right audiences.

  • Plus network with women who are making impact, so that you can collaborate and expand your life.

“I fell in love with the fact I could share my business idea with someone who truly inspires me. I in a way didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I just knew I needed a hand in ways to help me start running my business. I not only got that, I am a better version of myself. I launched my business with the knowledge and mindset set with Danielle and soaked up how to become successful as a woman! It’s not just about your business, it’s about YOU. I needed it. I couldn’t think why you wouldn’t want to join. It’s magical”

- Haz Evans Coaching

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How It Works...


Live Calls

Start Up LifeStyle Audit.

On this 1:1 call with me, we go through your deep desires and get clear on what you want to achieve. We look at the dreams and visions you have and solidify a plan of action for your time in the program.

I show you the exact methods I use to maximise my time, in order to be focused, specific and productive with out feeling like success is a weighted journey.

We will look at your services, products, offers, career and overall lifestyle so that as you are mentored through this journey; you can track every inch of your level up!

This call is 45 minutes.

Bi-Weekly Group coaching calls

We have 2 calls per month, which last 60 minutes. On these calls, we create a safe space for flow into immense growth. We believe in showing you ways towards practical mindset transformation and physical character building.

You will grow into deeper awareness and emotional intelligence that allows for powerful results. 

We get active in creating clear strategies that are bespoke to each queen and provide room for you to become the successful queen-prenuer you are called to be.


With grace and love we shift you out of limited thinking and therefor in rich abundance creating. We blow up money mindset blockages and relay the foundations of God given dreams and desires.

The Course

Authentic Story
Module 1

Whether you believe it or not, you have a powerful story that the world deserves to hear. In this module we'll uncover your authentic story and the root of your why. When we get clear on who we are, it can help us establish what we want on a deeper level and go for it!

Module 2
Creative Genius

All around you there are opportunities waiting for you to step into. This module will open up your zone of genius and move you from a place of excellence to your creative zone of genius.

Module 3
Maximising Resources

There are so many women who feel stuck, confused and trapped where they are at with no way out. This module is a guide to blasting through the lies and building the kind of relationships and resources that will build kind of joy and happiness you desire. 

Module 4

It's time to Show up & Boss up! Here we'll look at exactly how you can and will make a difference in the world through your God given purpose. This module is going to help you build the mindset you need to win.

Impact & Influence
Module 5
Productivity & Performance

Driven women often get to a place of burn out, which can end up bringing in a lot of resentment for their dreams, business and even their family. Going through this module will help you build skills and tools to accomplish your goals and maintain a high level of productivity.

Module 6
Transformative Lifestyle

This module is about fulfilling the life you want in all area's and ensuring you mindset and money goals align.

The  Bonuses

The Vision Glow Up Mini Course

Value: £387

Use our mapping strategies to produce purposeful content across your social platforms


Harness the power of play in both personal and professional life.


The Biz Suite will help you serve with passion, clarity and conviction. It's the go to for businesses or career development.


Access our Mindset Mover masterclass for a deeper unlocking and powerful breakthroughs.

Value: £197
Value: £97
Value: £497
Value: £97


I didn't expect so much to shift so quickly in such a positive way. I don't think I would have got so much achieved if it wasn't for this. I finally realise that results are the outcome, not my self worth. This program has changed my life.

- Kate Founder of Cambridge youth

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You can't put a price
on your
dreams but you can
make an

Paid in full Investment: £3500

Payment plan options available.

When I joined the mastermind, my business was just an idea. I didn't recognise the empire it could be until having the help and support from this mastermind. The idea I had is actually a movement, I've been able to collaborate, create my first product and see my vision on such a greater scale.

- Jackie Founder of Real, Authentic and Winning

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Your Coach

Dannielle Lecointe-Mosca

Empowerment Queen-Prenuer

Founder & CEO of IMPowerHer

Dannielle's mission is to be a light that reveals deeper vision in your life through empowerment coaching.


She is here to be voice that edifies and empowers the world changing you, to not just think big but to live big as you build the life and business that creates impact.

It is to serve you and initiate growth within you on your journey to success and encourage you to walk in hope and immense passion about your purpose.


So that you can see, feel and walk in the identified champion God has called you to be. It's time to create, innovate and collaborate with Him on the treasure within you.

Dannielle shows you the exact formula she used to build her business from £300 to 5 Figures.

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Shall we put your wins here too

I'm celebrating being featured as a new director.

- Monique

In the same week I have been given a computer, gifted £200 and got 2 orders from 1 phone call. 

- Serina

Finding out my why has been huge for me. I feel grounded.


I've connected with two top brands, landed a contract with a top corporate brand. This week has been epic.


- Monique 

I have organised my life and launched my first online course. I can't believe I did it!

- Chantell

My team is growing, I'm getting through all my tasks and I have found a PR company that will promote my new show.

- Chloe

This week I got featured in my first magazine.

I've learned to get organised and get clear on my desires. 

I'm so grateful that I have learnt to not settle for mediocre. My confidence has grown along with my team and what we have done in the community.

- Helen

I launched my coaching business 2 months ago and have signed my first client already. In this time I also gave my first public talk.

- Haz 

Final word.

I too, was once afraid to take a bigger leap into the unknown. It's a natural feeling. Here's the thing, the more I stepped out, got around the right people and nurtured what was in me; the more courageous I became.

After studying what successful people do and shifting myself to be around them, I've adapted these practises into my own lifestyle. And girl, that is what we do here. We teach you to be even more successful at being you, showing you the gold that you may not be yet able to see.

So I invite you to take this key and unlock the greater you!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there a deadline to join?

Once we open our doors, you are invited to apply for the program. We advise joining the

waiting list as those who are on it get first access once doors are open.

Who runs the bi-weekly trainings?

Dannielle will coach you through all the trainings, however if for any reason she can not,

we have guest coaches and thought leaders that will bring huge value to you.

What kinds of content is covered in the content feedback?

We will give feed back on emails, social media posts, landing pages,

funnel pages, video content and more.

If the coaching is group sessions, how do you do a

personalised strategy?

When you join the mastermind you will have a 1:1 session to lay down the foundations

of your personal strategy and what you want to build. The group sessions will hold

you accountable, as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions and

ensure that you're consistently moving forward. Often, many are going

through the similar things, so the group sessions give encouragement

and often move you ahead quicker.

How long will I get access to the materials?

You will have access for the full 6 months to all the materials.

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