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You are Worthy of Your next level

It doesn't matter what phase of life you are currently in...

This London Queen is here to show you one thing. 

You get to grant yourself permission to go higher.

To Achieve the success you're craving in your business.

To Build the life you feel deep down is possible.

To Create the vision that God has given you.

You get to start becoming who you were born to be, right here and right now.

These laser focused 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to support your needs and accelerate your success.


These packages are tailored to fit the individual needs of the purpose driven woman.


Why? Because you my beauty, are unlike anyone else.


We can cover all 3 areas of what I specialise in, or we can focus on one. It is so important that during our relationship, you are supported with what you need to elevate.

Catapulting you forward

Personal Success Coaching

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Empowering you from deep with in, so that you can lead with boldness, confidence and courageous grace.

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Holding a space for you to take what you imagine and establish success, so that you are constantly moving forward with flow.

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Realigning your focus to expand your creativity in life and business so that you can enjoy growth and scale your passion.

The 3 area's we work on


We go beneath the surface to truly uncover the leader that you are. I help you see the things that sabotage and hold you back from experiencing the greater, more royal version of yourself. We release doubt, imposter syndrome and fear that impacts your ability to make good decisions; so that you can awaken true authority and take responsibility over how you think.


We partner in your process towards transformation in your lifestyle and business. Allocating space to imagine, envision and actually birth ideas with confidence, so that you can amplify your productivity and walk with clarity knowing that you are designing a life that you're excited to wake up and live.


We ignite your unique passion and sail the winds of authentic of creativity. This journey will ignite creative solutions in your career so that you can expand, grow and scale your business. You have a one of a kind ability, and we will help you to fulfil your mission and create impact that leave's a legacy.

“Dannielle saw the bigger picture when I couldn’t. She encouraged honesty and authenticity. She helped me rediscover my creativity, and for that, I’ll always be appreciative”

Sophie Dixon Dash, Author, Culture changing Nanny

Beauty, You are made for Big things

I only take on a few 1:1 clients as spots are limited,

 so fill out this application form to work with me now

There are No Limits

to what you can achieve

Our time together, will consist of either 8 weeks.


In our initial Free touch base call, we will uncover what it is you actually want to achieve and I will offer the best solution in accordance with what I feel, as the expert that I am. The aim here is to really get you toward your big picture success.

You will have one live coaching call per week, all calls are recorded and uploaded to your private folder for view and download for the duration of our time together. On the first call will set the desired outcome and the tasks/steps to get there. During the calls thereafter, I will present questions, tasks and give you homework that will reinforce the work we do together.


Although I have a specific process, it's important to note that you are a brilliantly unique Queen. If there is a need to focus on one specific area of growth more, it is my duty to ensure we move in a way that is right for you; so having  bespoke flexibility to cater for your needs. I will ask that you trust me and surrender to the flow. 

I believe that working with you is about collaborating and partnering along the journey. As a team, we will build, grow and expand the vision you know you are called to build, whilst simultaneously being the champion you are called to be. You ARE the superhero of your own story, I simply help you unlock and use your super powers to their fullest.


  • 1 Session per week for the duration.

  • Recording of all the calls.

  • Personal Voxer voice messaging access to me.

  • Resources from our community business suite.

  • 4 week post follow up call after your sessions have concluded.


“Dannielle is the person who will light a rocket under you and uncover all the gold within you without making excuses” 

Chloe Morgan, DJ & Entreprenuer

Dannielle Lecointe-Mosca

With a Creative flow

Life Success and Higher Level Performance coach

I'm the CEO of IMPower Her and your biggest encourager! I help women like you take that purpose drive you have and make something even more beautiful out of it! 

As a London creative who has been in the arts & entertainment industry for nearly 2 decades, whilst collaborating with some of the UK's most renown entertainment organisations; I have coached and mentored 1000s of people into a life they no longer recognise. 

I grew my business to 5 figures in 5 months and turned a burn accident into a bold story. 

I'm so passionate about igniting the most authentic you; whilst showing you the road map to bringing your God given vision in to fruition. 

I believe you are here to do big things, make big impact and to leave a legacy of greatness that generations after you will reap the benefit from. 

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Let's glow up

I work with the woman who is ready to go to the next level and show up for herself regardless of where she is currently at.


The woman who wants to create results now and is willing to commit to playing big.


So this is your personal invitation to apply to never be the same again.


Apply now in order for me to get a better understanding of who you are ahead of our free touch base call.

“Dannielle is the best person to inspire you into what you want to create. Working with her has grown my staff, my dancers and my whole community. I've got bigger goals than ever, strategies and a whole support network. Working with Dannielle put me in the right frame of mind to be granted £35K in funding (so far), develop relationships to get a building and build empowering new projects. I can't thank her and her team enough"

- Helen Weekley, CEO of Imaginarium


8 Weeks

Personal 1:1 Coaching

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Personal 1:1 Coaching

Uncover Desires

Gain Clarity

Build Creativity

Strengthen Mindset

Empower Emotions

Expand Confidence

Own who you are.

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